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Pokemon Go on Rooted Android Devices
Definitely Just A Fishing Lure 1

Niantic released a new "buddy" system with the newest update to Pokemon Go, but also changed how the application operates on device with the root binary available... ... Read More

Marketing: Bits and Bytes

When talking about anything technology or engineering-related, especially when multiple companies are involved, standards are an absolute requirement to ensure that software and hardware play nicely together. These standards are often filled with technical ... Read More

Windows Starter 7 :: Restrictions

Microsoft has recently announced updates to what will be restricted in their upcoming update to Windows Vista "new" version of Windows 7, specifically their starter edition. They have removed the 3-application limit, which is good news for whatever unfort ... Read More

Non-H8: Flex Builder on Linux

Companies are extremely cautious to embrace new technology, even if the technology is not so new. One such very common issue of this is the development of commercial applications for Linux. Eclipse has long been an expandable development platform for mult ... Read More

Imagemagick unable to identify EPS files.

I experienced a problem recently where one of my applications which relies on imagemagick's identify script failed on certain files. When executing identify filename_blah.eps on Ubuntu Jaunty, it would segfault and crash with a rather length trace stack, s ... Read More

'Standardization' of HTML elements

The term 'Standard' can be very open to interpretation at times. This is especially true when it comes to software and computer systems. Take M$ for example, their version of 2008 Office featured an "Open Standard" implementation of a format that surprisin ... Read More

Cloud Computing

This trend toward centralized, virtualized, data centers is a bad idea. I'm not against Cloud Computing per se, but the incarnation championed by Google and Amazon et cetera really bothers me. For those who are new to this terminology, Cloud Computing is e ... Read More

Microsoft imposing limits on max number of applications running simultaneously.

Hunting is a primitive necessary feature and survival technique for the human race. We have evolved complex brains that are capable of comprehension and learning to aid in our survival and proliferation of an entire planet. One useful bit of information th ... Read More

Internet Explorer memory leaks with jQuery

Web developers can understand subtle differences between browsers, but some are just so far out in left field that no one quite knows what the original developers of the engine were thinking when they wrote it. Such as the case many times with the infamous ... Read More

Epic H8

As fitting for any new site, an epic introduction is generally used; however, due to my inferior word-smith skills, (my assets lie in other areas), writings of such quality are rarely rendered. In such, I shall provide merely a simple introduction for myse ... Read More

I hate auto scaling in Internet Explorer

My boss came to me on Monday morning with a problem (aren't they all on Monday?). Our site wouldn't load in Internet Explorer. The navigation pane on the left sort of loaded but our logo was pixelated and things were not lined up correctly. Without Firebug ... Read More

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