Tech H8rs Pokemon Go on Rooted Android Devices

Niantic releases update for Pokemon Go that changes behavior on rooted Android devices

Pokemon Go on Rooted Android Devices

So I have played the original Pokemon Blue and Red editions on the Gameboy and generally enjoyed the game back then all those years ago. I have even been known to load the original ROM in an emulator, (all of which were obtained by legal means of course), and play for a couple days.


When the same critters came to my phone and outside IRL, (so to say), back in July, I was intrigued, although I certainly had my concerns prior to launch. Some of which were that Niantic would allow the game to be freely downloaded, but require buying Pokeballs or require that you invite N number of your friends before you can catch that Magicarp. Thankfully those skeezy practices that so many other mobile free-to-play development shops implement were no where to be found and it was an enjoyable experience that did get me outside and moving around a little more than I would have otherwise.


As long as I didn't walk down the wrong alley at night, I didn't have any problems.

Team Rocket's Gang Violence


I even stumbled across this cute little guy while heading to a local computer store.

Cat, Dog, Fox thing...


All-in-all, the game was stable enough that I didn't have too many complaints. I was even starting to enjoy awkwardly swiping straight up the device to catch those rats by the office.

Slowpoke does not approve


Then, I noticed that there was an update available that would allow me to get candies for my lonely Magicarp by friending it or some nonsense. Alright, throwing a chain on a fish and going out for a walk with it seems a little cruel to it, but the alternative is to get gzipped into a tiny ball, so alright. I went to load up the game to assign my fish as my preferred pet only to be greeted with a screen stating that my device was not compatible.

Not compatible my ass!


... Really?!? My device, OS, or software is not compatible. SINCE FUCKING WHEN? Absolutely nothing fucking changed with my device between yesterday and fucking today!


After a little digging, I read that it was because my phone, (being a tiny gods-damned computer), has the `su` binary for granting "super user" or root access to the device. Yeah? So the fuck what? It also has the Linux kernel 3.4 built by some guy named Alucard. Should a fucking game deem that just because my 3.4 kernel was built by "Alucard" as opposed to "Bob the Accountant", that it should deprive me of the enjoyment that hucking balls at small defenseless critters can give? How is a binary that grants me administrative access to MY FUCKING DEVICE any different? How would that possibly affect the game play?


Is their reasoning that since I have admin access to a device, that I'm automatically some 1337 haxor who's going to break their shit and release the coordinates of their precious digital monsters on some Google map? Are they afraid that I'm going to run `sudo` and break their system? *Surely* it could never mean that someone doesn't like the shitty bloatware that ships from a phone's manufacturer and replaces it with a much more efficient build of the operating system!...


Alright, so whatever. Nianfuck opted to add a snippet of code that checks for the presence of some arbituary file in their little piece of shit application, and they're free to do that. I'm also free to do what I wish, so I did a little "1337" hacking of my own and discovered an effective way of fixing this.

Fix for Pokemon Go on Rooted Android