Tech H8rs Cloud Computing

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This trend toward centralized, virtualized, data centers is a bad idea. I'm not against Cloud Computing per se, but the incarnation championed by Google and Amazon et cetera really bothers me. For those who are new to this terminology, Cloud Computing is essentially like taking a bunch of machines and aggregating the power available via those machines into a resource pool. Then you can dole out resources to users as you see fit based any factors you care to use, i.e. subscriptions, user levels and what have you. Sounds great. Looks good on paper. But suppose someone at your cloud provider notices your data is offensive. Maybe you support the second amendment. Maybe you want to audit the federal reserve. Maybe the person at your cloud provider disagrees with you. They can flatline your access, or anybody else's access, to your data any time they want. "That can't happen. Google is an American company, with American values." I hear you, but look what they did in China. And our values are changing as well. People are ready to give up civil liberties for "security". Corporations will not protect us or our data from the prying eyes of big brother. Just like its a bad idea for states to let the federal government control too much, it is in our best interest to maintain as much control of our data as possible.