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As fitting for any new site, an epic introduction is generally used; however, due to my inferior word-smith skills, (my assets lie in other areas), writings of such quality are rarely rendered. In such, I shall provide merely a simple introduction for myself and the idea in which inspired this site, for whomever may stumble onto this site, however you may find it...

[quote]"I don't hate you because of you, however my hate is an indirect derivative from the fact that..."[/quote]

I, a mere nobody in the overall perspective of everything, was formally trained in enterprise and corporate network administration and windows / AD server administration and have acquired rich experience in face-to-face customer service and hardware troubleshooting. After moving into a completely new geographic area and losing all my contacts and clientele, I could no longer rely on basic hardware repair to sustain any randomness and expenses encountered, so a real job I had to search for. This yielded help desk jobs, help desk jobs, and yet more... help desk jobs. Sitting behind a phone all day reading printed instructions from a manual is just a hair more thrilling then preparing various objects of consumption with a tacky uniform on.

Freelance was where I ended up pursuing, both in hardware and software freelance, both of which to the same client, by some strange twist of the Fates' string. The hardware aspect has since ended, as an opt for virtual dedi-centers yielded a lesser need of a dedicated administrator, but the software development I still do freelance, provided not quite as much.

Software, a rather curious development of technology; created to imitate physical objects, but relying on absolutely no basic foundational laws. Humans see an object sitting in front of them, on which a particular piece is a different color, shape, texture, etc... We are programmed to explore and experiment, so we push it or otherwise try to learn how to utilize it. Usually, components of a different composition do something or are required to stand out in some way. Same thing if the said object doesn't function, laws of gravity dictate that as long as we're standing in either a spinning structure or on a massive object, throwing this POS off a cliff will yield satisfying results, if even at most temporarily. Physical objects must abide by the laws of physics. Software resides in a realm without such basic structural laws. If the user sees a button that says 'Close', there is no guarantee that the button will in fact close its parent, or even respond at all. I shall end my start of h8 there, as this could be a good subject for another day.

However, software, the skill that I have taught myself out of boredom on a piss-poor slow connection on my cruisin' 66MHz Pentium years ago. I originally learned PHP because for some reason, it appealed to me in some sick and twisted fashion. It was something that I felt was a basically worthless skill, as who would actually pay for some simple lines of code that any monkey could do. Even up to my freelancing in the area which I currently reside, I did not think to pursue anything related to it. Despite this, when I was nearly completely broke and just about to pack up my car and head back home, (literally within several days), I received a call from a strange person at some head hunter place. She told me that there was a company looking for a skilled PHP dev, lo and behold as I found out, I can get paid for doing something I enjoy, (most of the time).

Out of the enjoyment and contentment of actually having money enough to afford rent and food, (albeit not much else), I have developed a particular skill... This I have developed not quite so much out of my native personality, but something else, possibly social boredom... alas, boredom/idle hands are the devil's play things.... too bad I'm not christian ;) From wherever the skill was acquired, I have acquired it, the ability to look at many common items, and pull out the negative sides of them. This can include why IE is the bitch of the browsers, why Windows products are arguably some of the buggiest, most insecure, resource whoring applications ever built, the downfalls of including external javascript tags in your webpages, the strange obsession Apple has with the letter 'i', little 'quirks' in their OS, why linux distros can't bloody agree on a single set of paths for file handling, Xorg inconsistencies, or any other wide-variety of subjects.

This skill is called simply... HATE, or h8, as it is spelled sometimes on this blog.

My coworkers and I have many times in the past had debates or rants about various technological downfalls and idiocies. We decided that it would be entertaining for us to make a log of some of these, what better version of a log for web developers to use then a web log. Thus the creation of this site. A place for us to publicly vent, rant, and h8 about technology that pisses us off, in addition to any other random oddity we may come across.

And, a closing quote, in programming, the asterisk key '*' is commonly used to refer to anything in a search...

"I don't hate you because of you, however my hate is an indirect derivative from the fact that you are in existence, which falls under the '*' category for my hate."