Tech H8rs I hate auto scaling in Internet Explorer

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My boss came to me on Monday morning with a problem (aren't they all on Monday?). Our site wouldn't load in Internet Explorer. The navigation pane on the left sort of loaded but our logo was pixelated and things were not lined up correctly. Without Firebug we were struggling to figure out what was going on. We investigated everything: css, javascript, our php. We tried it in Firefox, looks awesome. Clearly it was something with IE. I googled "images pixelated in INternet Explorer" and lo and behold I found this post Apparently, manufacturers of high resolution systems have a registry option to tell IE to auto scale pages so users won't have trouble seeing them. Where do they get off trying to over ride a display setting I have already set to my liking. If I wanted to see a page better I'd zoom in on it or adjust my resolution so I don't have that problem. I h8 auto scaling and I h8 manufacturers that think they know whats best for me.

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