Tech H8rs Imagemagick unable to identify EPS files.

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I experienced a problem recently where one of my applications which relies on imagemagick's identify script failed on certain files. When executing identify filename_blah.eps on Ubuntu Jaunty, it would segfault and crash with a rather length trace stack, starting with libc6.

======= Backtrace: =========

This seems to be based solely in some combination of that version of imagemagick and the core libraries of choice. The version that fails to identify the files is, however when I switch to either the previous stable version of or the newest stable of 6.5.3-2, the command executes successfully.

So, if anyone happens to get this same error on eps vector files, simply switching to a different version of imagemagick should resolve your issue.

Bug report about the issue on ubuntu's bug tracker.

The source is easy enough to compile if you want to get the newest version, just a simple "./configure; make; sudo make install" suffices. If you prefer an up-to-date Jaunty-based DEB file, contact me and I'll send you one of my compiled ones.