Tech H8rs Microsoft imposing limits on max number of applications running simultaneously.

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Hunting is a primitive necessary feature and survival technique for the human race. We have evolved complex brains that are capable of comprehension and learning to aid in our survival and proliferation of an entire planet. One useful bit of information that we as a whole have learned is when killing game for food or sport, it is rarely advantageous to impale yourself with the weapon instead of the game. This often leads to bad consequences and the losing of said game you were trying to acquire. This may be the occurrences of Microsoft as of recent with their operating system strategies. Most operating system developers strive for a better, faster, leaner application so you can do more with less, even though hardware is advancing quickly. Such is the case with Ubuntu; with Gutsy Gibbon (8.04), bootup was comparable if not a bit slower then the uninfected Windows XP installation. The friendly developers over at Canonical seen this as a flaw and improved efficiency in the next release of the operating system only a short 5 months (approx) later. This made the speed faster then an average clean WinXP install. Not satisfied being a little better, they increased bootup time even quicker in the Jaunty version that will be released this Thursday (April 23).

However Microsoft tends to think "out of the box", if you will. Instead of making the platform take less resources and perform better, they decided to have the operating system use nearly 5-times the HDD space and 5-times the memory usage to do the exact same thing the previous version did. This could be considered akin to a car manufacturer producing two versions of the same car, both have about the same carrying capacity, about the same top speed, similar overall look to them, but the new version has cruise control and power windows; these features along with slower acceleration and 1/3 the fuel efficiency. Consumers would boycot the new car and continue driving the old one, much like the battle between Windows XP and Windows Vista.

This mistake would be shooting your big toe off, you can still continue the hunt and maybe even get some game so you don't starve, but you'll be walking with a slight limp for the remainder of the trip. However, their new decisions may be the equivalent of hacking off your good leg during the trip.

Even the name, "Windows 7", conveys that Microsoft wanted to have a completely different kernel and operating system then what the previous version was, NT6.0 (Windows NT Kernel on Wikipedia). However, this is version 6.1, not quite the version 7 that they had originally praised. This action should yield them to have to name the new operating system Windows Vista Attempt 2, as that is what it is, Windows Vista with a few things disabled by default. In addition to their extremely shady naming convention, they are going to continue with the multiple-version convention that has so gloriously annoyed consumers in the past, featuring a new base version.

This "Windows 7 Starter Edition" will virtually be a gimped-down Windows Vista Basic with the UAC disabled and 3D desktop rendering disabled. Besides the fact that you'd have to pay an addition "upgrade" fee for this, you'll be able to do LESS with it. Microsoft has decided to enforce a gimicky 3-application limit in the operating system, preventing the victim user from opening Solitaire if the internet, IM, and email are open. Just think, Not being able to open a PDF you just downloaded because you also have email open! How would any consumer stand for having the operating system gimp what they can open I must ask. I personally would not have believed this, infact I did not when I first heard about it several months back; until I read Ed Bott's post on ZDNet.

And as a point of reference, at work, I generally have ten different applications running, one of which is Sun's Virtual Box running Windows XP and Windows 2000 for testing purposes; running 3-times the soft-enforced limit of applications on Win7 starter. At home, that amount is usually comparative or doubled, (and by the way, I run Ubuntu, which is efficient enough to be able to handle running 20 different applications simultaneously AND still have the copmiz cube!).